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In this book Metal Detecting Secrets you will learn… • What sorts of items are valuable, and why “gold prospecting” isn’t where it’s at!

• How to get permission to treasure hunt on private property.
• Where to sell your findings for Big Cash.
• How to tell the difference between real gold, and fools gold!
• Where you can get all the equipment you need to get started treasure hunting right now!
• How to make sure you Never leave an Expedition empty handed!

All brought to you by our Treasure Hunting Expert, and reluctant but willing Metal Detecting Guide, “Cody Smith”

So What Can You Expect To Learn from Metal Detecting Secrets?

Here are just a few of the tricks of the trade that you can expect to learn as soon as you become a member…

– Getting Started With Your Gear: Quality metal detectors can cost you thousands. You are shown how you can get your hands on the same quality gear for hundreds of dollars less, and STILL get the job done!

– Taking Inventory Of What’s Available: Discover areas near you that you haven’t even thought about hunting yet, and teach you how to access them!

– Research Tools & Tips: This is probably the most crucial video in the entire system. You are shown how to know what you are looking for, before you go looking!

– History Collection: You will learn exactly how to go about contacting the long time locals, getting access to past news, maps, and surrounding area information that will help you discover new exciting places & things to hunt for!

– Using Local Museums: Detail about exactly how to find informative resources at local museums, and EVEN share with you how to sell your findings to them for a premium!

– Preparing To Hunt: In these videos, you will learn everything you need to know to be ready before you step foot on a hunt. I’ll show you how to classify an area, use geographic land features as clues to what is in the area, and how to systematically begin your search!

– Private Property: Having trouble getting inside? You will get pre-written letters of permission that you can print off, and I’ll even give you step by step instructions for how you should approach the land owner to assure permission 98% of the time!

– The Hunt: These videos will detail exactly what you need to do once the process starts, and you have your metal detector IN-HAND. You won’t be left hanging, because you are walked through every detail of what you should do next!

– Soil Types: Details of the different types of soil/water you may be hunting in, and how they might affect the way you hunt!

– Recovering Your Finds: Once you are led to the treasure, DONT START DIGGING YET! You are given some helpful tips for safely recovering your find, securing it, protecting your new ownership of it, and even how to SELL IT. This session is PACKED.

– The Hunt, Part 2: You think you’re done? NO SIR! In fact you still have plenty left to do after the hunt, to ensure success for your next trip. You are given step by step instructions so you don’t miss a thing!

– Hunt Clubs: Are they good, bad, or what? You are given some recommendations for nearly all 50 states in the US, and how to find hunt buddies near you no matter where you live!

That only covers the TIP of the iceberg, there is much, much more inside these videos, and the electronic book that has been put together. The content inside is fresh, and easy enough for a child to follow, yet advanced enough so that a seasoned veteran can glean some new information they hadn’t known before.

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