Finding Gold Nuggets – Golden Tips For Prospectors – I would like to welcome my readers to this blog and hope that you will find the contents interesting.

For many centuries people have been fascinated by the ‘yellow metal’ because of it’s beauty and scarceness. In the past gold’s high value compared to that of other metals has often caused people to flock in the their thousands to the location of the latest major discoveries in the hope of ‘striking it rich’ by ‘finding gold nuggets‘! Examples of these are the Californian gold rush in 1849 and closer to home for me the major gold finds in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia and Bendigo and Ballarat in Victoria in the 1850s.

These days the interest is still very great due to record gold prices and world financial instability. This blog has been written to provide readers with useful tips and information on how to maximize their chances of finding those very elusive but extremely valuable gold nuggets. It is so important that anyone who enjoys the leisure activities and thrills of treasure hunting or gold fossicking does go properly prepared so as to maximize their chances of achieving success. I hope that the tips that I am providing you with will help you in this respect.

Enjoy your prospecting!

The team at Finding Gold Nuggets – Golden Tips For Prospectors

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