Be prepared! Reliable gold prospecting tools needed for best results.

13. Maps and Research Material: Before heading out, gather information about the area you’ll be prospecting in. Maps, geological reports, and historical mining records can give you insights into potential gold-bearing areas.

14. Permits and Documentation: If required, make sure you have the necessary permits and documentation to prospect in the area legally.

B. Good suppliers of reliable gold prospecting tools

Here are a few suppliers that are known for providing quality gold prospecting equipment:

1. Kellyco Metal Detectors: Kellyco offers a wide range of metal detectors and gold prospecting equipment. They have been in business for several decades and have built a reputation within the metal detecting community. They are well known for their knowledgeable staff and reliable products.


2. Gold Fever Prospecting: Gold Fever Prospecting is an online store that provides a variety of gold prospecting equipment, including metal detectors, sluice boxes, and gold pans. They are known for their customer service and informative videos.


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