To find gold deposits in Western Australia you need to know these facts

Western Australia has a rich history of gold discoveries and prospectors wishing to find gold deposits have a wide choice of areas on which to prospect for it. Gold prospecting using a metal detector in the Western Australian goldfields around Kalgoorlie-Boulder can be quite rewarding, and there are several areas with a history of gold discoveries that may be suitable for this activity.

Prospecting for gold in outback Western Australia involves exploring a vast and diverse landscape with varying environmental and geological conditions. Gold deposits in this region are typically found in arid or semi-arid environments, and prospectors need to consider several factors when searching for this precious metal.

find gold deposits

So  before you start planning a gold prospecting trip there is some very vital local knowledge you need to obtain first in order to adequately prepare yourself.

A special focus on finding gold in Kalgoorlie Western Australia

Despite the fact that the Kalgoorlie goldfields have been extensively mined by both small time prospectors and large mining companies in the 120 years since gold was first discovered there, small prospectors can still find gold nuggets in the Kalgoorlie region these days and earn a nice income from doing so. Continue reading