It’s here! Latest focus on three top rated metal detectors for finding gold

Here are some pros and cons associated with the Fisher Gold Bug Pro metal detector the third of the three top rated metal detectors


  • High Sensitivity to Small Gold: The Fisher Gold Bug Pro is known for its excellent sensitivity to small gold nuggets and flakes. It can detect tiny gold targets, making it suitable for prospecting in gold-rich areas.
  • Lightweight and Portable: This metal detector is relatively lightweight and easy to transport, which is convenient for prospectors who need to cover large areas on foot.
  • Variable Ground Balancing: The Gold Bug Pro allows for both manual and automatic ground balancing, which is crucial for optimizing performance in different soil conditions and reducing false signals caused by mineralization.
  • Multiple Search Modes: It offers several search modes, including all-metal, discrimination, and no-motion pinpointing. These modes provide versatility for different types of metal detecting activities.
  • Target ID: The visual target ID display provides information about the type of metal detected, helping you identify potential targets more accurately.
  • Iron Discrimination: The discrimination feature helps you filter out iron and other undesirable targets, reducing the need to dig up trash.
  • Affordability: The Fisher Gold Bug Pro is positioned in the mid-range of the market, making it relatively affordable compared to some high-end gold prospecting detectors.
  • Good Battery Life: It typically uses a single 9-volt battery, which offers decent battery life for extended use in the field.


  • Not Fully Waterproof: While the Gold Bug Pro is water-resistant, it is not designed for full submersion in water. It can handle light rain and damp conditions, but it’s not suitable for use underwater or in wet environments.
  • Limited Depth in Highly Mineralized Soil: Like many detectors in its price range, the Gold Bug Pro may have limitations in extremely mineralized soil, and you may need to make adjustments to maintain depth and accuracy.
  • Noisy in Trashy Areas: In areas with a lot of trash or multiple metal targets close together, the detector can produce false signals and become noisy. Skilled discrimination and sensitivity adjustments are necessary in such situations.
  • Single Frequency: The Gold Bug Pro operates at a single frequency, which may limit its performance in some scenarios compared to detectors with multiple-frequency capabilities.
  • Smaller Coil: The standard coil size may limit the depth and coverage area compared to larger coils available for some other detectors

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