It’s here! Latest focus on three top rated metal detectors for finding gold

In summary, gold prospecting often requires top rated metal detectors with specialized features and capabilities that are tailored to the unique challenges of finding small, deep, and often elusive gold targets in mineralized soil. While basic metal detectors may suffice for general metal detecting purposes, a good quality metal detector designed for gold prospecting significantly improves your chances of success in this specialized hobby or profession.

Here are three popular and top rated metal detectors and their key features: Their popularity with gold prospectors was based on their features, capabilities, and performance in various gold prospecting scenarios.


1. Minelab GPX 5000: Current Price on eBay $3999

top rated metal detectors

Key Features:

  • Advanced Pulse Induction (PI) technology: PI detectors are known for their depth and sensitivity, making them excellent for finding small and deep gold nuggets.
  • Multiple search modes: It offers various search modes, including Fine Gold, Ground-Cancel, and others, allowing users to customize their settings for different conditions.
  • Adjustable frequency: The GPX 5000 allows users to change the frequency to minimize interference and maximize target signal.
  • Dual-coil compatibility: It can be used with both monoloop and double-D coils for versatility in different terrain types.
  • Iron Reject feature: Helps discriminate against iron trash while detecting valuable targets.


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