Finding Gold Nuggets In Australia State By State

Despite the fact that a lot of gold was found both by prospectors and mining companies in Australia in the latter part of the 19th century with large goldfields discovered rivaling those found in the USA there is still a lot of gold that can be found there today. In fact it is estimated that $150 million dollars worth of gold is being discovered here using metal detectors each year! Continue reading

A selection of good quality Metal Detectors for Finding Gold

This ‘Finding Gold‘ blog article has been written to describe a selection of metal detectors which are suitable for most conditions that gold prospectors will encounter during their fossicking expeditions :- Continue reading

Finding Gold Nuggets.

Against the background of very high gold prices many people these days are extremely interested in the subject of ‘Finding Gold Nuggets’ and would love to strike it rich as a prospector but unfortunately lack the important knowledge needed to maximize their success. Continue reading