Tips on how to prospect for gold in the UK



Some of the notable areas where you can prospect for gold in the UK include:

  1. Wales: Wales has a rich history of gold mining, particularly in the Dolgellau Gold Belt. The Clogau-St David’s mine is one of the most famous gold mines in Wales. The Cambrian Mountains and the Snowdonia National Park are known to have gold-bearing areas.

  2. Scotland: Scotland has a long history of gold mining as well. The area around Tyndrum in the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park has seen significant gold discoveries. The Kildonan area in Sutherland also has a history of alluvial gold mining.

  3. Northern Ireland: The Sperrin Mountains in Northern Ireland have been known to contain gold deposits. The Curraghinalt deposit is a significant gold deposit in the region.

  4. England: In England, areas like Cornwall have a history of gold mining, especially during the Roman period. While not as prolific as other regions, there have been reports of small-scale gold discoveries in various parts of England.



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