To find gold deposits in Western Australia you need to know these facts


Here are some locations to consider for gold prospecting to find gold deposits with a metal detector:

  1. Golden Mile, Kalgoorlie-Boulder: This historic gold-bearing belt, including the famous Super Pit, has yielded significant quantities of gold over the years. While the Super Pit itself may not be accessible for metal detecting due to modern mining operations, there are still plenty of areas within Kalgoorlie-Boulder and its outskirts where you can prospect. Focus on the old mine dumps, tailings, and areas with a history of gold production.
  2. Coolgardie: Coolgardie and its surrounding areas, such as Fly Flat and Siberia, were among the first to experience the Western Australian gold rush. Many small historic mines and gold-bearing patches are scattered throughout the region. You can explore the old diggings, dry creek beds, and gullies with a metal detector.
  3. Laverton: Laverton and its vicinity have been productive gold mining areas for decades. The region has a mix of old and modern mining operations, so be sure to follow local regulations and obtain any necessary permissions. Look for areas with known gold occurrences and check with local prospecting clubs for advice.
  4. Leonora: Like Laverton, Leonora has a rich gold mining history and offers opportunities for metal detecting around old mining sites, abandoned shafts, and dry washes. Joining a local prospecting club can provide valuable insights into the best locations.
  5. Menangina: This area, not far from Leonora, has historical gold workings, making it a potential spot for metal detecting. Always obtain landowner permission and adhere to local prospecting regulations.
  6. Ora Banda: Located west of Kalgoorlie, Ora Bandahas a history of gold mining, and remnants of old mining activity may still be present. Be sure to obtain landowner consent before prospecting in this area.

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