To find gold deposits in Western Australia you need to know these facts

Historical Goldfields:

  • Consider targeting areas with a known history of gold mining, as these locations are more likely to have gold deposits. Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the surrounding region are famous for their gold mining history.
  • Geological Knowledge:
    • Study the geological maps of the region to understand the rock formations and potential gold-bearing areas. Look for areas with quartz veins, ironstone, and other indicators of gold.
  • Metal Detector Selection:
    • Invest in a quality metal detector that is suitable for gold prospecting. Minelab is an Australian company known for producing detectors specifically designed for gold hunting.
  • Join a Prospecting Club:
    • Consider joining a local prospecting club or association. They often have experienced members who can offer guidance and access to private prospecting areas to find gold deposits.
  • Online Resources:
    • Explore online forums, websites, and social media groups dedicated to gold prospecting in Western Australia. These can be valuable sources of information, including tips on promising locations.
  • Detecting Techniques:
    • Learn the proper metal detecting techniques to find gold deposits. This includes understanding ground balance, discrimination settings, and target ID features on your detector.
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